Third Party and Institutional Payments

If another organization will be sponsoring you to attend CESSI (i.e., paying your tuition), please review the following procedures:

In order to defer tuition payments to third party payment, the UW-Madison Bursar’s office needs a letter of authorization from the sponsoring organization. You will need to have your sponsor send a letter of authorization with the following information on department or university letterhead:

  • Your Name
  • Your University of Wisconsin-Madison Student ID number
  • The Duration of Sponsorship (For CESSI 2024 the dates are June 17th– August 9th, 2024)
  • Amount to be invoiced (check your tuition bill in your MyUW account)
  • Your Sponsor’s Contact Name and Address
  • How payment will be made (check or wire transfer)
  • *Special Invoice Instructions (where and to whom the invoice must be addressed)

The letter of authorization should be forwarded as soon as possible to If the sponsor’s letter of authorization is received before the tuition and fee bill is generated, the amount of charges deferred to a third party sponsor is indicated on the bill.

*Please have your sponsor copy CESSI at when sending the letter.

Once your sponsor has completed these steps, you can log on to your MyUW account (opens in new tab) and select the Financial tab to view your Tuition and Fee Student Account activity; you should be able to determine that your charges have been deferred to a third party sponsor for payment. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for processing.

If the sponsor is not paying the entire tuition and fee cost, you must pay the remaining balance before the tuition due date in order to avoid a late payment fee.

PLEASE NOTE: If the sponsor’s authorization is not received prior to the tuition due date, you will be held responsible for payment of the late payment fee.

Once the authorization letter has been received a third party deferral is applied to the student’s account. The third party invoice will be issued by approximately mid-July for the Summer semester. Should a student be removed from sponsorship, the sponsor needs to notify the University in writing.

If you have any additional questions, please contact CESSI via email at