Students admitted to CESSI are responsible for making their own living arrangements for the duration of the summer session. CESSI fees do not cover room and board, although students on a FLAS or Title VIII Fellowship will receive a stipend to help offset these costs. Please make sure that your class is confirmed before signing housing contracts or leases. For reference, most CESSI classes will take place in Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Drive.

University Housing

Several residence halls are available to students during the eight-week summer session. All residence halls are within walking distance of CESSI classes, although their rates may be higher than off-campus options. For more information, including rates and application instructions, visit the University Housing website.

Off-Campus Housing

Many CESSI students find off-campus options to be more affordable than university housing. Summer sublets typically are easy to come by in Madison, as many students leave for the summer and sublet their apartments. Madison has a great bus system (which is free for students), as well as plenty of bike paths and a city-wide bikeshare program, so you do not necessarily have to find a place within walking distance. When considering living arrangements, be sure to ask about proximity to bus stops. Visit the transportation section of our Campus Resources page for more information.

Here are some helpful sites for finding sublets:

If you are interested in living with other CESSI students, feel free to reach out on the CESSI Facebook page.