Each summer, CESSI aims to offer instruction in elementary, intermediate, and (sometimes) advanced Kazakh, Tajik, Uyghur, and Uzbek.

All class offerings are contingent upon sufficient enrollment. Please apply to CESSI as early as possible to help ensure that your class will be offered.

Other levels of these languages or other Central Eurasian languages may be added to this list if there is enough interest. Please contact the CESSI program coordinator if you are interested in studying a language (or level) not listed above.

Students may only register for one language per summer. Courses are intensive, and students generally spend 2-3 hours on homework each night. This eight-week program offers the equivalent of a year of language study. CESSI participants MUST complete the two consecutive four-week sessions for a total of eight weeks. More information is available on our Policies & Procedures page.

Credits: Upon completion of the program, students will receive 8 credits and a letter grade (A-F). Upon request, the Registrar of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will issue a transcript for CESSI coursework.

Hours of instruction: Monday through Friday: 4 hours each day 8:30–1:00 PM U.S. Central Time Zone (with a break from 10:30–11:00 AM).