Costs & Funding

The cost to attend CESSI 2020 is $4,800.* This cost includes tuition, student fees, and expenditures for cultural events. This does not include the cost of textbooks, living expenses, health insurance, or the new student document fee. UW-Madison charges $65 to any student who has never taken a course at UW-Madison. Once paid in full, all CESSI students will be able to order official transcripts from UW-Madison at no additional cost.

All applicants must pay the $25 application fee to be considered for admittance.

* The above fee structure does not apply to current UW-Madison Wisconsin and Minnesota resident undergraduate students. WI and MN undergraduates follow the normal UW-Madison fee structure, which can be found here.

Please note

CESSI courses are non-standard, and our policies and deadlines differ from those of UW-Madison. Please read our policies here and contact us prior to the start of the program with any questions.


It is our goal to make CESSI as affordable as possible. Three different sources of funding are available for eligible applicants, although students are also encouraged to explore alternative funding options available through their home institutions.

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Title VIII Fellowship

The Title VIII Program, administered by the U.S. Department of State, provides funding for research and language training to American scholars and students for the study of Eastern Europe and Eurasia (Independent States of the Former Soviet Union). Title VIII maintains U.S. expertise in the regions and brings open source, policy-relevant research to the service of the U.S. Government.

Title VIII Fellowships cover full tuition at CESSI and provide a stipend of $2,500 to cover living expenses for the summer.

Eligibility: open to U.S. citizens who are graduate students (or will be beginning a graduate program in the fall), post-baccalaureate scholars, and working professionals.

Applications for priority consideration are due February 1, 2020. 

Additional application instructions for the Title VIII Fellowship can be found here.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship

FLAS Fellowships cover full tuition at CESSI and provide a stipend of $2,500 to cover living expenses for the summer.

Eligibility: open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Graduate students may use the FLAS Fellowship to study a language at any level; undergraduate students can only use the fellowship to study a language at the intermediate or advanced level.

Non-UW-Madison students whose home institution is eligible to award FLAS Summer Fellowships are encouraged to apply first to their home institution.  FLAS applications are typically due in February. For more information on the FLAS Fellowship and to apply, please visit the FLAS website.

**CESSI has opened a supplemental FLAS Fellowship competition for summer 2020 students. For eligibility requirements and information, please see here.

WISLI Tuition Scholarship

The WISLI Tuition Scholarship covers the tuition and segregated fees for summer 2020 language study at one of the WISLI summer language institutes.

The WISLI Tuition Scholarship does not cover expenses such as textbooks, living expenses, housing, incidentals, travel or other costs.  International students are required to have UW–Madison approved health insurance coverage, and may need to enroll in the UW Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) if not able to get a waiver. Students who have not previously attended UW–Madison will be charged a one-time official document fee of $65.00.

Eligibility: All applicants to a WISLI summer language institute are eligible to apply for a WISLI Tuition Scholarship, including:

  • Domestic and international students
  • Students in degree programs at UW-Madison and students from other institutions of higher learning, such as community colleges
  • Adult lifelong learners and non-degree seeking students

To apply for a WISLI Tuition Scholarship:

  • Complete the WISLI Tuition Scholarship application form
  • Submit a one-page (approximately 500 words) statement of purpose describing your intended personal/academic/professional goals and the broader impact of these goals for language study at a WISLI Institute.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation (directly to the WISLI Director or in conjunction with your Institute application).

Applications relating to CESSI will be accepted on a rolling basis and applicants should first contact WISLI Director, Dr. Felecia Lucht, before applying to check on the availability of scholarships.

Visit the WISLI website to learn more.

CESSI Tuition Remission Scholarship

All CESSI students are eligible for a tuition remission scholarship of up to $4000. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and availability of funding. Applications for priority consideration are due February 1, 2020. Specific application instructions can be found here.

UW-Madison Undergraduate Scholarship for Summer Study

This is a need-based award given to high-achieving degree-seeking undergraduate students looking for financial support to attend Summer Term at UW-Madison.

Eligibility: open to currently enrolled UW-Madison undergraduate degree-seeking students who are in good academic standing, have a cumulative GPA that reflects academic success and are enrolled in at least one UW-Madison summer course by April 15th, 2019.

Important Dates:

• Application period opens on February 15, 2020

• Submit application by 11:59pm on April 2, 2020

• Students who apply by March 18, 2020 may be eligible for early notification of decision

For more information on how to apply, visit

Summer Housing Boost

This covers the cost of residence hall housing for both UW-Madison students and visiting students. Students will be housed in Kronshage Hall.

Eligibility: open to students who plan to earn at least 2 credits in a four-week course or 3 credits in a six/eight week course for the summer and are eligible to reside in University Housing residence halls.

Important Dates:

Want to move into summer housing in June or July:

• Submit application by 11:59pm on April 22, 2020

• Enroll in summer courses by 11:59pm on April 29, 2020

For more information on how to apply, visit

Important Information

  • CESSI is an eight-week session and all students must enroll for the full session. All students will be billed for the full eight-week session at the start of CESSI. No refunds will be given once classes have begun.
  • The CESSI program fee includes UW-Madison segregated fees, which grant students access to campus gyms, libraries, a free student bus pass, the university health center (but not health insurance), and a Wisconsin Union student membership.
  • All payments for program fees are due to UW-Madison by the first Friday of classes. CESSI students pay their program fees in different ways: some are self-funded, some receive financial support (such as the FLAS) from their home institutions or employers, and some may receive financial support (FLAS, Title VIII fellowship, or fee remission) from UW-Madison. Regardless of how program fees will be paid, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all processes are in place for payment before classes begin. Since each situation is different, students should contact the CESSI program coordinator to discuss their own situation.
  • Students receiving a FLAS Fellowship or other funding from their home institution must submit a letter of authorization from the sponsoring organization. Contact the CESSI program coordinator at for instructions.
  • If a student receiving a scholarship or fellowship through UW-Madison drops out of the CESSI program at any point before the end of the eight-week session, they may be required to pay back part or all of the scholarship or fellowship. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis by CESSI staff.