Students who complete CESSI and learn a Central Eurasian language have a vast array of employment opportunities open to them. Whether you’re looking for a job in government service, academia, or the private sector, a Central Asian language is a great addition to your skill set! Below is a breakdown of some resources to aid in your job search depending on if you’re interested in private, academic, or government employment. You’ll also find some more general resources here:

  • ASEEES has a great list of different resources, also broken down by sector, which you can find here
  • TopLanguageJobs has a great search engine for foreign language positions in the UK
  • CREECA often posts announcements about job opportunities that may be of interest

Government Employment Opportunities

There is certainly no shortage of resources for students looking to pursue a career in the government. Below, we’ve compiled some resources that may be helpful to you in your job search:

    • This is a great place to start looking for jobs with the U.S. government. Keep in mind, however, that this site requires users have a account and a USAJOBS profile in order to apply for positions.
    • Additionally, some agencies post job opportunities to their own websites. If you’re looking for employment in a specific agency, you can search for it here.
  • You can find more information about the U.S. Intelligence Community here. This site is especially useful for area studies specialists and linguists.
  • Students and recent graduates can visit this site for information regarding hiring pathways and other student programs
  • Veterans and those who have served in the military can visit this site for information on Veteran’s preference and special hiring authorities
  • More information about Schedule A hiring authorities can be found here.

Helpful Contacts

If you have questions about hiring processes, government employment, etc., feel free to reach out:

  • For general questions about State Department Careers:
  • Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) outreach and recruitment:
  • Diplomats in Residence Program
    • Diplomats in Residence are career Foreign Service Officers and Specialists located throughout the U.S. who provide guidance and advice on careers, internships, and fellowships to interested students. To find a Diplomat in Residence in your area, visit this site.

Private and Nonacademic Sector Employment Opportunities

The private/academic sector also boasts a wide array of opportunities for CESSI students to pursue a field in which your CESSI language is used regularly. Here’s a list of things to consider when searching for a private sector job:

American Councils Job Opportunities (as of 4/28/2023)

American Councils for International Education is hiring for a variety of different positions. See below for links to more information & to apply. Note that each position may have a different application deadline.

These opportunities recommend/require Russian and Kazakh language proficiency:

This opportunity requires fluency in Tajik:

Other job opportunities at American Councils:


We will continue to update this page with more job opportunities as they arise. If you have questions or would like to inform us of a relevant job opportunity that you’d like us to promote, please reach out to