Alumni Nominations Program

The CESSI 2021 Alumni Nomination Program encourages alumni to refer new students to CESSI. Alumni are responsible for informing their nominees about the nomination and encouraging nominees to complete their CESSI application.  When a nominee successfully applies and enrolls in CESSI 2021, the nominating alum is eligible to receive a free, limited-edition CESSI 10th Birthday Mug and their nominee will have their New Student Document Fee waived.  Terms and Conditions apply.  Please read below for details.

Nomination Process: 

  1. An alum completes the Nomination Form below. 
  2. The alum informs their nominee that they have nominated them for the CESSI 2021 cohort.
  3. The nominee applies to CESSI 2021.
  4. If the nominee is accepted to the CESSI 2021 cohort and enrolls, their nominating alum will receive the CESSI 10th Birthday Mug and the nominee’s new student document fee will be waived.

Terms and Conditions of the CESSI 2021 Alumni Nominations Program: 

  1. Participating alumni must have a U.S. address (mugs will not be shipped internationally). 
  2. Offer of CESSI mug and waiving of the New Student Document fee is contingent on the nominee’s enrollment. 
  3. Only 1st-time program attendees are eligible to be nominated. 
  4. Offer can only be redeemed one time annually. (An alum may only nominate one applicant annually.)